Plant a Tree

Time is running down on our assignment, and soon team members will start departing, either for home, or further adventures in India and beyond. The last few days have certainly been eventful, and all teams were really “under the pump” as the Aussies say.


(Photo credit: Morarka Foundation)

In the end, we managed to deliver a final presentation, and the requested supporting documentation, which were both very well-received by the client. It’s a good feeling to know we’ve made a positive contribution, and I look forward to seeing the next steps take root, in the very near future.


(Photo credit: Natasja or Ale?)

Our Community Day on Saturday was another special experience. We travelled to a nearby village, to help one of our NGO partners stage a workshop on women empowerment. The section I helped with dealt with being proud, and involved sharing about our cultures, and running a photo booth, where the participants could get a printed photo of themselves taken. As a man from a Western country, I’m not in a position to contribute quite as much, but as I watched some of these women receive their photos, there were wonderful, happy expressions on their faces, including possibly, a bit of pride.


#ibmcsc india #cscindia32


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