Bright Lights, Big City

Yesterday was a long day, that started early, with frantic packing, and a series of bittersweet send-offs for the team. León and I flew out to Delhi after breakfast, and quickly learned a few lessons about the big city. In Jaipur, we’d occasionally encounter someone who would try to press their advantage against the foreign tourists. Here, the first three people we met in that position immediately went to work on us, and in a much more insidious, cold, and practised way.


Fortunately, León made his connecting flight to start his beach vacation, and I got settled in at my hotel for the next couple of days. From time-to-time, as I entered WiFi range, or occasionally activated data roaming, I was heartened to see the messages from my friends, arriving home to family, or at their next destination.


Today is Gandhi Jayanti, a national holiday which celebrates the birthday of Mahatma Gandhi. For those of us not in a Himalayan yoga retreat, it means a “dry day” with no alcohol, and more than a few extra people out and about on a Sunday.


It’s also incredibly hot and humid here – Jaipur was humid, but tempered by being next to the desert. In Delhi the humidity is potentially dangerous, if you aren’t able to keep re-hydrating against continuous sweating. I’ll be better prepared the next time I swing by.


In the midst of a busy day spent exploring, I made a couple interesting new friends: Richard, a Canadian retiree, now living in Kerala since last year, and Roy, originally from Assam, now working in Delhi.


(Photo credit: Roy)

Tomorrow, the journey continues…

#ibmcsc india #cscindia32


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