Long Weekend

After five days of touring around on my own, it’s time to go back to work, but not quite all the way back.


Fortunately, it’s also a long weekend, for Dussehra (or Durga Puja, or Dasara, depending on which part of India you’re in). Decorations and other preparations for the final day of the festival, and Diwali 20 days after that, are well underway.


Mysuru (formerly Mysore) has one of the largest Dasara celebrations in south India, and the three-plus hour tour bus ride is another chance to meet and talk with other travellers from different parts of India.


Security measures are elevated more than the usual, not just for the festival, or the heated inter-state dispute over local historical waters in the area, but also because of recent actions on the Line of Control between India and Pakistan.


But that doesn’t stop the crowds from coming out, to enjoy the happy occasion, and a great light show.


#ibmcsc india #cscindia32


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