Boiled Beans

Legend has it, that the name Bengaluru literally means “town of boiled beans,” which was what a lost and hungry king received from the locals, while travelling through the area.


As the capital of Karnataka state, Bengaluru is a government town. Many of the colonial-era buildings from the late 19th century maintain their Pompeian Red exterior.


Like many other cities in India, it has a well-deserved nickname, in this case, the Garden City.


Some of these parks are large enough that you can completely escape any sense of the incessant traffic on the roads.


But first and foremost, Bengaluru has now become the technology capital of India. Along with the moderate climate, this has created a booming and very diverse metropolis.


With most residents coming here from elsewhere, English is much more commonly spoken here than the rest of India. There are large pockets in this city which would not look out of place in North America or Europe, including the overpriced luxury goods.


After 44 days in India, it’s a good place to decompress, and start re-adjusting, for the long trip home.

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